Anthem Road Academy is a place to grow in musicianship, confidence, community and opportunity. We are here to seek out, develop and bring to light the potential for greatness in You.  We are student focused, community driven, high quality music instruction.


Because Music instruction is So much more than learning notes and scales. It’s having weekly mentorship in musicianship that challenges you to believe that you can be and do more than you might think possible.  It’s having an ally, a cheerleader, a coach and a friend to guide you, challenge you and create opportunity for you to shine on stage and off.  It’s because each one of us has hidden potential that is waiting to be brought to light.  

Where You fit in

Whether you’re just starting out or a lifetime learner, you have a place at Anthem Road Academy.  We teach all ages and skill levels in the style of music that is most inspiring and motivating to you.  We are a community within a community and you belong.

What We Do

We love our students and tailor make each lesson to meet the needs, learning styles and goals of each one of them.  There is no “one size fits all” method to music instruction, rather a variety of tools, teaching methods and curriculums we use to match the learning style and goals of our unique students.  

Community Driven

We care deeply about giving back to our community in ways that align with our values in regard to education, leadership and opportunity.  Anthem Road contributes resources to Foundations, Charities and Schools that we value.  We also take many opportunities throughout the year to showcase our students in festivals, community events and school functions that create a thriving society for our families to enjoy.